Random Acts of Pastel

"After a few pink fire hydrants, I switched my Instagram name over from a personal account to RAOP, and from that moment on I was pastel hunting.”Alyssa Garrison
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Alyssa is a professional dreamer with ever-changing pastel hair. Surviving on a diet of mainly sugar, she delights in sparkly surprises and rarely removes her rose-tinted glasses. With a university degree in journalism, Alyssa created Random Acts of Pastel, a lifestyle blog that’s all about injecting color and fun into your everyday. Feeling jaded by the commercial aspects of the publishing industry, Alyssa first sought out inspiration through street art, adding pastel colors to the city with spray paint and wheat paste. Random Acts of Pastel has since evolved so that it now encompasses not only the blog, but also a lifestyle brand that offers its own line of products and a creative agency. Alyssa has made a name for herself in the industry through her various platforms and colorful approach to fashion, beauty, and design.


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